Thursday, July 19, 2007

Does your Water Filtration System Need a High Risk Merchant Account?

The good thing about a water filtration system business is that compared to other high risk merchant accounts, the discount rates are quite lower. The tricky part is selling them online. Merchants who intend to sell or lease water filtration equipment must inevitably have a website set up as well as a merchant account in order to process credit cards online. The cost of set up and merchant account must be industry standard. For example, the average discount rate may be 3% to 6%, but may be lower because of the less risky nature of this business.

China: Slowly killing its people?

What's the price of progress? Ask the Chinese. Whether they are aware or not, China's rapidly growing economy has resulted in a depressingly polluted country that will soon cause hundreds of millions of premature deaths from contaminated air and water in a few years. This is according to a 18-month study done by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Although China has structured plans to curtail the catastrophic effects of their economic growth, we have yet to see the good results. In the study, it has been declared that not only has pollution in China affected human health, but the ecosystem as well. Especially the aquatic system. China has given its share of toxins in the sea as well as greenhouse gases mostly emitted from highly industrialized countries...

Is the water filtration business as risky as it seems?

How can a high risk merchant account provider help?

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Multilevel Marketing: A High Risk Merchant's Experience Told Part 2

In Part 1 of this article I mentioned about my own experience with MLMs, what most people would call a high risk business by virtue of high incidences of scam involved. I must admit there's a difference between the legit ones that sell real products and ones that merely ask you to recruit new distributors so that you may gain commissions off their membership fees. High risk merchant providers are aware of these. They will certainly not accept your application if they learned you had been previously involved in a MLM fraud. To learn more about this topic I wrote, see Insider Tricks to Successful Merchant Application.


I was then in my college days and seeking some help for my university fees when I saw an ad about scholarship opportunity on the local paper. I contacted the number and was told to attend a meeting to find out more about it. Soon I realized it was some sort of MLM business with a variety of benefits for the members. In my desire to get the scholarship, I joined. I paid a downpayment for my fee but it took long for me to realize that the scholarship I wanted from them would never materialize. Why?

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Multilevel Marketing: A High Risk Merchant's Experience Told Part 2

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Multilevel Marketing: A High Risk Merchant's Experience Told Part 1

High risk merchant providers include Multilevel Marketing in their list of industries. To some, MLM has earned a bad reputation for being a lousy business scheme in which members could supposedly become wealthy by virtue of "downline recruitment". To others, MLM is a decent way to make a profit out of sales as well as commission from new salespersons enrolled in the company. High risk merchants who own successful MLM businesses know that despite being tagged illegal or fraudulent, MLM is still a highly profitable industry. That is, if distributors aim to earn through product selling and not through recruitment alone.


It was back in 2004 when my cousin approached me and asked me to come with him to some mysterious business meeting at a building downtown. He said if I was open to opportunities to make money part time more than I made then, I could learn a lot just by mere listening to the speakers of that meeting. There was no commitment to join or pay for anything. I was optimistic and joined. Yep, I was hardly surprised when I sat in the corner of the room with my cousin, listened to the highly motivational lectures of three self-professed millionaires, and learned that it was possible to make a lot of dough with the MLM scheme. We had to sell Asian coffee...


Multilevel Marketing: A High Risk Merchant's Experience Told Part 1

Monday, July 16, 2007

Marketing the Human Growth Hormone Online: A High Risk Merchant's Dilemma

"The US Food and Drug Administration has not approved Jintropin and that the drug is not a recognized treatment for any medical condition." This is an excerpt from The Sidney Morning Herald, who told of news about Sylvester Stallone caught carrying 48 vials of human growth hormones (HGH) in his baggage. This happened exactly five months ago. Stallone has pleaded guilty and apologized to the public for the mistake he committed. Apparently, "Australian laws prohibit the importation of natural and manufactured growth hormones without a permit." Stallone was not only guilty of importing human growth hormones but also four vials of testosterone. According to his lawyers, Stallone was undergoing medical treatment and his only mistake was that he has not been informed too well of the customs laws in Australia.

Legal Issues Associated with HGH

I bet you think this news is kinda outdated. While Stallone is facing charges of illegal possession of prohibited substances, elsewhere in the world high risk merchants continue to sell human growth hormones to customers who are willing to try their purported benefits to the body. HGH is being used by bodybuilders, along with steriods, to help them increase muscle mass. HGH is a prescription drug and is used for medical purposes to treat deficiency in human growth and other related disorders. Anyone caught possessing it in the U.S. without a doctor's prescription may be imprisoned for up to 5 years (10 years for minors).

Side Effects?

HGH comes with its own side effects, if taken in excessive amounts. Although it can improve muscle mass and reduce fat (and is purported as anti-aging other than its ability to improve height for stunted children), HGH does not improve muscle strength. A high dose can cause overgrowth of extremities and internal organs. Its known side effects when taken in normal amounts include fluid retention, joint pain, and nerve compression symptoms.

Now who doesn't want to reverse the aging process and resort to the miraculous HGH? According to doctors...

continued: Human Growth Hormones and High Risk Merchant Account

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