Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mobile Ecommerce Solution 4: Best Ways to Earn off a Text Message

Who says you should spend on mobile ecommerce to earn colossal profits? Who's watching American Idol here?

I know, it's not your style. Or maybe it is. Whatever your preference is, the American Idol is one of the best examples of mobile ecommerce strategy that borders on awesomely successful to phenomenal. And this ecommerce strategy is not exclusive to the United States or the UK. Entrepreneurs in various countries all over the world have used television and other media to reach people. And the funny thing is, they didn't have to spend for mobile marketing capital.

Instead, they put their stakes on traditional media such as newspaper, radio, and TV to encourage people to send text messages. Partnership with mobile phone service providers earns them profit using this ecommerce strategy.

Obviously, there's still capital involved, but the movement comes from a different source instead of the mobile marketing service. As a merchant, it is your choice whether to follow this (American Idol) advertising style as a practicable ecommerce strategy or stick to the mobile marketing method. Which, in your opinion, makes a fatter wallet?