Thursday, July 12, 2007

High Volume Merchant Account: Should You Get One?

I feel a need to go back to the basics. After years of hearing the phrase high volume merchants, I still encounter some perfectly running businesses who have not acquired their own high volume merchant account. For reasons I don't know. When I tell them execs about the possibilities it offers, they say they will consider applying for one. It seems to me that these businesses have reached their equilibrium, and at this point wish nothing but to maintain it. I say otherwise. Equilibrium in business is death. Seek constant disequilibrium -- that's a way to survive. We all live in a cycle and once this cycle becomes static and reaches plateau, there's nowhere else to go but down. Right, Tom Peters?


My friend Kent was downright frank with me. He says it has nothing to do with equilibrium. It's just that these businessmen haven't caught up with the trend of accepting credit cards online. Sure they accept credit cards, apart from the usual checks and the occasional debit cards, but they only use a POS and other manual processing equipment. And even though they've heard of virtual processing, they are iffy about applying because of the high incidence of fraud associated with it.


So maybe they have not educated themselves well enough about high volume merchant account. Or maybe they got it wrong. Let me just make it clear. Some of these execs may have even mistaken high volume for high risk. This is kinda funny. HIGH VOLUME identifies itself uniquely from all other high risk merchant accounts. How?


The Benefits of Acquiring High Volume Merchant Account

1. Virtual Terminal

2. Savings and Reduced Rates

3. Statement Account History Reporting

4. Protection from Fraud

5. Shopping Cart

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High Volume Merchant Account: Is it Worth Acquiring One?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

In Praise of Porn: The Brave Old World

This time I'll refrain from my know-it-all stance and bow my head to the porn industry. Not praising it for the "immorality" the whole world considers repulsive, but by the bravado of adult webmasters who have created their niche in this subject online. It wasn't easy. The true concept of adult websites, high risk merchant accounts, sexual e-commerce, and everything in between can get boring in the long run. That's why adult webmasters deserve an accolade. The sex industry has evolved from crude Neanderthal beds to sophisticated Virtual Reality sex. And among those who make and break the industry are the actors and actresses. Ordinary people who make money getting laid over and over for the pleasure of online surfers.

Of course if you've been working in the industry you've seen sex models come and go. You've seen the nastiest acts shot on film repeatedly till the "act" is perfected. According to veteran webmasters, this type of work, like anything else, sells so good but in the long run can desensitize them. I've known a few friends who have managed to work freelance for the development of porn websites. They tell me that they curse the day they learned graphic design...


In Praise of Porn: Adult High Risk Merchant Accounts by Gerri Bryce

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Setting Up an Online Dating Merchant Account

A lot of so-called e-commerce gurus tout the online dating business as fun. It must be, as countless new business-minded individuals come up with certain ideas for a dating website, apply for a high risk merchant account provider, and start earning money in no time. Or is it that easy? It would be a lie to say yes. There's no such thing as an easy money-making scheme. Nor will ever be. Everyone takes some pain if not during the set-up of the dating website, but in the process of maintaining it.

Setting it up Good
Go ask Wells Fargo!
A Tale of Taking Chances

But why won't domestic banks take care of your business? The answer is truly simple. Let me tell you a story. A friend of mine, young, beautiful, and very engaging, joined a really popular dating website in the hopes of finding a nice guy online. She did it for fun, and not surprisingly, got a lot of responses for her profile and ad. So many men from all over the world sent her messages and tried to ask her out for a date. And yes, scammers too. She was even courted by a lesbian. She found all the responses exciting until one day she met the man she would marry not in the dating website she joined, but in another non-dating website relevant to her job. That man admitted he also joined a dating website, but met too many scammers so he quit his subscription. And while they were dating, my friend decided to quit her dating website membership too. Just like that. Why? Because she no longer needed it, having found the man that makes her happy.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

10 Questions to Ask Your Gaming Merchant Account Provider

The thing that strikes me as funny when my fiance and I go visit the casinos is that the slot machines area is always populated with old Chinese women. Their husbands are probably off somewhere in the card tables playing Pai Gow or engrossed in baccarat. Not that there's anything wrong with seeing Chinese ladies wasting bundles of cash or pails of coins in the King Cashalot machines. It just feels different when you play it online. You don't see no faces. The card games are just as fun. But of course you're not guaranteed of cashing out your win when you do win. All online casino players know this but refuse to agree. They still put their faith on high risk merchant account providers because they know they can appeal for chargebacks once the casino denies them the cashout.

But the players' problem is not ours.

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10 Questions to Ask Your Gaming Merchant Account Provider