Thursday, July 19, 2007

Does your Water Filtration System Need a High Risk Merchant Account?

The good thing about a water filtration system business is that compared to other high risk merchant accounts, the discount rates are quite lower. The tricky part is selling them online. Merchants who intend to sell or lease water filtration equipment must inevitably have a website set up as well as a merchant account in order to process credit cards online. The cost of set up and merchant account must be industry standard. For example, the average discount rate may be 3% to 6%, but may be lower because of the less risky nature of this business.

China: Slowly killing its people?

What's the price of progress? Ask the Chinese. Whether they are aware or not, China's rapidly growing economy has resulted in a depressingly polluted country that will soon cause hundreds of millions of premature deaths from contaminated air and water in a few years. This is according to a 18-month study done by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Although China has structured plans to curtail the catastrophic effects of their economic growth, we have yet to see the good results. In the study, it has been declared that not only has pollution in China affected human health, but the ecosystem as well. Especially the aquatic system. China has given its share of toxins in the sea as well as greenhouse gases mostly emitted from highly industrialized countries...

Is the water filtration business as risky as it seems?

How can a high risk merchant account provider help?

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