Monday, July 16, 2007

Marketing the Human Growth Hormone Online: A High Risk Merchant's Dilemma

"The US Food and Drug Administration has not approved Jintropin and that the drug is not a recognized treatment for any medical condition." This is an excerpt from The Sidney Morning Herald, who told of news about Sylvester Stallone caught carrying 48 vials of human growth hormones (HGH) in his baggage. This happened exactly five months ago. Stallone has pleaded guilty and apologized to the public for the mistake he committed. Apparently, "Australian laws prohibit the importation of natural and manufactured growth hormones without a permit." Stallone was not only guilty of importing human growth hormones but also four vials of testosterone. According to his lawyers, Stallone was undergoing medical treatment and his only mistake was that he has not been informed too well of the customs laws in Australia.

Legal Issues Associated with HGH

I bet you think this news is kinda outdated. While Stallone is facing charges of illegal possession of prohibited substances, elsewhere in the world high risk merchants continue to sell human growth hormones to customers who are willing to try their purported benefits to the body. HGH is being used by bodybuilders, along with steriods, to help them increase muscle mass. HGH is a prescription drug and is used for medical purposes to treat deficiency in human growth and other related disorders. Anyone caught possessing it in the U.S. without a doctor's prescription may be imprisoned for up to 5 years (10 years for minors).

Side Effects?

HGH comes with its own side effects, if taken in excessive amounts. Although it can improve muscle mass and reduce fat (and is purported as anti-aging other than its ability to improve height for stunted children), HGH does not improve muscle strength. A high dose can cause overgrowth of extremities and internal organs. Its known side effects when taken in normal amounts include fluid retention, joint pain, and nerve compression symptoms.

Now who doesn't want to reverse the aging process and resort to the miraculous HGH? According to doctors...

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