Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sports Ecommerce Stores - Geared up for Christmas?

Sports equipment and apparel are an extremely attractive set of gifts you can give to your loved ones this holiday season. A lot of merchants have already capitalized on the demand by making their ecommerce store more inviting for sports enthusiasts (or gift-givers) to buy. In fact, sports merchants may already have added the latest Nike Sasquatch Sumo2 in their product catalog.

According to eBay, the Nike Sasquatch Sumo2 is the most sought after golfer's item in sports ecommerce store.

eBay also helps golf sellers to put up their merchandise in the site. However, if you are going to sell on eBay, you would have to accept the limitations in aspects such as shipping, payment methods (most preferred is Paypal), and advertising. But you can create good product descriptions and post photos in their ecommerce store/marketplace, since bidders or buyers are more likely to make deals if they see images of what you're selling.

If you're more interested in selling the Nike Sasquatch Sumo2 as a sports retailer with a bigger product catalog, it is better to set up your own ecommerce store instead.

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