Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas 2007 - Is Selling the Playstation 3 Your Ecommerce Strategy?

It's amazing that even though the Playstation 3 has been released and sold by Sony in limited packages about a year ago (geared all the same for the 2006 holiday season), demand and sales for the console are still continually up. This is of course good news for gaming retailers. It's a smart ecommerce strategy to sell PS3 consoles or PS3 titles for good profit this Christmas.

Sure enough, even independent sellers can simply put up an auction at eBay and see if anyone is interested to buy. This ecommerce strategy also works for those who wish to trade (or upgrade/downgrade) consoles and game titles for another, such as a PSP or an Xbox 360.

If your business is all about selling electronic gadgets, toys, game titles, and other computer related items online, then banking on the PS3 and PS3 game titles is a surefire way to make money for Christmas 2007. Remember, it takes a long while before next-gen consoles reach plateau on sales. But I doubt that they never, since even vintage consoles get good prices these days. Selling them as an ecommerce strategy this gift-giving season is indeed win-win situation for you.

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