Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Selling Holiday Humor in eBay

A holiday shopper's ecommerce shopping cart still won't be full without humorous gifts in it. If you're the type who indulges in selling funny novelty items, try setting up your own little gag store in eBay. The more ridiculous your items, the better!

Online, there are infinite possibilities. How you come up with ideas to fill what's missing in your ecommerce shopping cart is up to you.

For example, you can capitalize on people wanting to give gifts but do not have any ideas on what to pick for their loved ones. eBay has pretty much all the crazy items one can put in an ecommerce shopping cart such as fart machines, fake prank toys, magic trick items, decals and license plates with funny messages such as "Beware of the Mad Lawyer", fake lottery ticket jackpots, noisemaker toys, etc. On top of my funny list is the "Paper Money Toilet Tissue Roll for Millionaires". It sure makes the receiver of the gift practically feel like a "High Roller" when taking a dump! (ha-ha).

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