Friday, October 26, 2007

ECOMMERCE WEB SITE SUCCESS TIP 4 - Web Metrics are the Necessary Evil

Google has created net addicts in all of us. Having to comply to SEO standards that result in your ecommerce site being part of top 10 in the first page of Google's search results has become an obsession for many merchants and online analysts. Some think Google is unfair, but others think the giant search engine is only doing its best to see all websites equally.

But these metrics we employ in order to track the online success of our ecommerce site are crucial. Think: without Google Analytics or other software that show details on visitor number, page clicks, or other essential technicalities, no one will figure out whether the business is taking off and whether it has a potential to do so.

The little things are the big things in the web. Your ecommerce site isn't built to merely sell products. The more you know about how it is running, the better you can create solutions to improve it. Eventually, the more likely your sales will increase.

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