Thursday, October 4, 2007

Advice to Would-Be E-Commerce Merchants - Plan Your Success!

The keyword is online. If you stop and think about it, doing business online and the brick and click way are kinda different. But if you look closer, the similarity of doing business between the two can be astonishing! The only difference may lie from the fact that online business people would have to deal with more computer technology than they can ever think of. In reality though, the most effective online entrepreneurs hardly spend more than 4 hours in front of the computer!

What makes a successful online businessman then? I hear various opinions from everyone. One, you should find multiple streams of income. Two, you should bank on your talent and persistence as your capital. Three, like learning how to swim, everything is about technique, technique, technique! Which would you rather believe? I'd say all of these work in conjunction with one another. But without a plan or goal, success in doing business online isn't as easy as it seems!

Sure, you get a domain. You design your website. You have infrastructure built such as shopping cart, payment gateway, third party credit card processor. You may even apply for a merchant account with a high risk merchant account provider. You employ SEO tactics and other forms of online advertising. You provide good customer service and ship goods efficiently. But what's your next move?

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Advice to Would-Be E-Commerce Merchants: Plan Your Success!

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