Wednesday, July 4, 2007

High Risk Merchants Quick Guide on Telemarketing Frauds

My friend Anna won't even answer telemarketers when they call. Sometimes I tell her to give them the benefit of the doubt as they might offer something good but she refuses flat out. Says she's tired of glib spiels and doesn't want to be bothered. She knows when it's a telemarketer calling. It's always on her landline phone. Her mobile phone is the only scam-free phone she has. Ooops, maybe not. At times she still receives weird messages saying she won trip for two cruise tickets. But we know very well it's just a scammer. We call them up and tell them we need money to return their call as our phone credits are used up. Talk about swallowing your own pill.

Making Money by Phone?

...So what exactly constitutes a clean and a dirty telemarketing gimmick? I won't generalize and say all telemarketers are a pain in the neck. The only problem is when you cannot detect the difference and you become a victim of fraud. This industry is riddled with high incidences of frauds and chargebacks -- hence operators may always have a hard time finding a good high risk merchant account provider to handle the credit card processing transactions. But the possibilities online are endless. Surf online and you might find just the right provider for you.

Telemarketing Frauds: 2006 Statistics

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