Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Get Lucky! Scoring a Lottery Merchant Account Offshore Part 2

A Tale from Texas

It's not easy being deployed in Iraq, U.S. servicemen would say. Really! Who's kidding nobody? But it makes all the sacrifices easier when by the time a soldier comes home, he's got US$200,000 waiting for him in his native land. That's how lucky Sergeant Bethurel Griffin got. Before leaving Texas back in 2006, he joined a lottery syndicate and made a bet on the US$12 Million Texas Lotto jackpot. Now he's not only a walking epitome of luck, he's also a pride of his nation.

Now I'm from Texas and so I couldn't help but pinpoint this particular story of luck for simple reasons. What if Sgt. Griffin was in Iraq and made a bet in the Texas lottery and won? Would he have gotten the prize? If you are aware of the FTC regulations when it comes to online betting, especially in lottery, the answer is simple: No. Not only will Sgt. Griffin be allowed to buy the lottery tickets, he won't get his prize too. The FTC requires local lottery ticket retailers to sell only within the state boundaries. Selling and buying lottery tickets through mail, phone and Internet is considered illegal in the U.S.

Virtual Gibraltar

But if Sgt. Griffin had forgotten to make that bet before leaving Texas, and still thought his luck cannot be contained anymore, he could still have made a stake at a lottery prize offshore. Now I won't corrupt Sgt. Griffin's civilian duties while overseas. I'll look at it from the perspective of the common guy. What if some dude named Luke wanted to play at Gibraltar Casino but didn't have enough money to buy plane tickets, pay for hotel accommodations, and pull out some cash for the buffet meals? Not to mention spend time taking out some British ladies to dinner?

The rest of the story continues here!

Get Lucky! Scoring a Lottery Merchant Account Offshore Part 2

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