Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Psychology of Online Buying

So you got your merchant account. Then you got your credit card processor, a spiffy shopping cart, and a choice of your international bank. Being a high risk merchant is not easy -- NOT if you only know the bare bones of establishing the account but not maintaining it. Too vague? The logic here is simple: You can have all the infrastructure set up, but if you can't keep up with the rising waves of competition in the e-commerce industry, then you're going to sink.

Keeping yourself afloat means keeping your "online sales" on the sizzle. The last decade has seen a surge on Internet-based purchasing from various parts of the world. As a merchant, you may have taken the risk to actually set up a website and eventually sign up for a low risk or high risk merchant account. This is a big step, but it is only going to result in something really fruitful if you know the techniques in increasing your web business sales.


A Quick Peek at Your Web Page

Bait, Hook, and Everything in Between

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