Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Trafficking Human Pheromones Online: How Risky?

The sale of human pheromones is quite a controversial issue today. For high risk merchants, however, it is but another desirable drug that helps increase sexual attraction among men and women. Marketing it online may be a bit of a challenge, mostly because people find it hard to believe that pheromones actually work. We won't contest their effectivity. The scope of high risk merchant services guarantee that if you intend to sell this product in your online pharmacy, you can get your application approved as long as you pass your MAP's requirements.


One time I picked up my fiance's AXE Body Spray, Orion bottle and read the back label. "...when you spray it, women will come."

"Did AXE really say that?" he said. "Yeah!" And we both burst out laughing. I didn't think AXE would go that far to describe its masculine body sprays as phenomenally attractive to women that they will be compelled to...err, come. No pun intended!


Whether AXE has added pheromones in their list of body spray ingredients or not, we do not know (well maybe check the back label again?) but we know for sure that it smells amazing. It does have an effect on me and I don't intend to endorse the product. However, unlike AXE Orion, human pheromones are considered non-prescription drugs and if you sell them online, they are considered high risk products. What's the catch?

Unfortunately, not only CDs and clothes can be pirated. The danger of buying drugs online is that you will never really find authenticity unless you've seen and touched and tried them. The catch is when buyers are sold with so-called pheromone colognes or perfumes that are diluted or fake. And when they receive fake products, naturally they will ask for a chargeback, or worse, sue the manufacturer. Chargebacks are the number one cause of problems among merchants and high risk merchant providers. So how can anyone make sure they are buying the real thing?

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Trafficking Human Pheromones Online: How Risky?


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