Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Insider Tricks to Successful High Risk Merchant Account Application

Many merchants complain about the lack of information when it comes to high risk merchant account application. It's not that there's no information at hand; it's more likely because merchant account providers do not provide standard customer service or are simply too lazy to share the nuts and bolts that the applicants need.


For example, a merchant may have already submitted his application before the merchant account provider (MAP) reveals the improbable terms: that he may not receive payment until x number of months or that he may not be approved for a merchant account unless he changes his marketing plan. When this happens, the worst case scenario is that the merchant's application may never be approved. If the company doesn't offer a money back guarantee, he may lose money even before he earns it.

The dark side of high risk merchant application involves a possibility that the MAPs may take long to approve your account. The reason is that they need to assess your business in relation to the rate of frauds and chargebacks that might be incurred. Also, you may spend more on fees than a regular merchant account.





Anonymous said...

This is really good info. Don't mind you adding some stats though!

Irene M. said...

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